American Chamber of Commerce (ACC) and uSupport project signed the Memorandum of Cooperation

American Chamber of Commerce (ACC) and uSupport project will cooperate in promotion of Ukraine’s IT-outsourcing and BPO industry. The parties agreed to cooperate on purpose of creation required conditions for sustainable development and growth of the IT industry of Ukraine, improve the investment climate in IT industry of Ukraine, deem it necessary to enter into this Memorandum of Cooperation.

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uSupport catalog - IT outsourcing companies in Ukraine

This web catalog is created to provide the most precise information about the ІТ potential of Ukraine in terms of export oriented services.

With this catalog of firms we hope to provide you with qualified and reliable partners in Ukraine.

Even though Ukraine is currently experiencing Russia’s aggression in the South, an anti-corruption revolution has just finished.

The new Government is simplifying procedures for doing business in Ukraine. The Minister of Economics, Mr. Pavlo Sheremeta, is envisioning the implementation of liberal economic principles of Asian tigers in Ukraine.

The average salary in Ukraine is lower than in any other neighboring country, including any country in the EU. In this situation, we extend to you an invitation to work with Ukrainian IT specialists.

  • Support Ukraine: Obviously, your cooperation with a Ukrainian firm will result into the improvement of Ukraine’s economy.
  • Support us: Through cooperation with us, You are extending a friendly hand of support to a business in Ukraine, helping it provide jobs to its employees.
  • Support Yourself: You do are doing both business and charity at the same time. You are getting a quality product for the best price and saving the IT branch in Ukraine from a slowing-down effect.

From our side, we will publish an array of information about Ukraine’s economic situation, so You will be able to make fact-based decisions.

By doing business in Ukraine, we fight for a better future for our country. Thank You for helping us!


Sincerely Yours,

uSupport Project Team | Ukraine, March 2014

Date: 31.03.2014 | Source