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A detailed study of the specifics of your company at the time of the organization;
Analysis due to the payment of taxes, their quantitative assessment ;
Developing the legal system of taxation ;
The development of the basic principles and practices of accounting and taxation , reflected in the accounting policies of your organization for the purposes of accounting and taxation ;
Develop instructions for documenting all areas of accounting and taxation in accordance with the law;
Analysis , formalization , organization, optimization of workflow in the company, including the development of registers of tax accounting registers and additional accounting;
Optimal in terms of labor , organization of accounting through its automation;
Accounting (planning of the corporate tax preparation and submission of tax returns , consulting the amounts and terms of payment of tax payments , preparation and submission of tax returns, income tax planning structures , intermediary in communication with the tax authorities , consulting the amounts and terms of payment of tax payments )
Management accounting ;
Payroll and calculate applicable taxes ;
Of banking operations (opening corporate and personal bank accounts, providing services as a manager in account and bank account management , assistance in connecting to the system via the Internet account management , assistance in obtaining payment cards );
Cash transactions , including the preparation and advance of travel reports;
Preparation of accounting, tax and statistical reporting and presenting it to the relevant government authorities ;
Preparation of reports by international and Ukrainian standards;
Representation in tax institutions and extrabudgetary funds;
Supporting and tax audits;
Debetorskoyi service debt;
Cash Management ;
Planning and budgeting;
Analysis of financial and economic activity;
Management accounting and preparation of monthly, quarterly and / or annual reports ;
Monthly account reconciliation of debtors and creditors;
Prepare invoices and providing your account to collect the debt debetorskoyi ;
Receive invoices from vendors and service providers , organizing payments;
Monthly coordination balance on bank accounts to bank statements ;
Preparation of monthly payroll , filing appropriate forms of exercise and contributions to social insurance.

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