Galanix Business process outsourcing, Software development and testing, Graphical and web design

Company Description

Just the main reasons to work with us:

  1. We go deeply into the client`s business. Our marketing specialists monitor, analyse and provide recommendations to client`s needs.  
  2. We build web sites that matters for users and search engines (we produce SEO websites that produce high ROI).  
  3. We worked with local and international companies around the world.  
  4. Our web studio launched online shop 3 years ago ( Thus, all recommendations that we made for website improvement was taken from the experience of our own business.  
  5. Our speсialists created the range of startups: booking system (for tourist equipment, for HORECA, for medical thematic e.t.c.), e-publishing system, HR service system. We test all new features, visual effects and technologies on  the base of our own projects. So you project will be in secure and up to date along the last verified IT solutions.  
  6. Constant rise of our professional level by the means of internal seminars, training programmes, participating in IT and marketing conferences.  
  7. We have offices in Europe (in Sweden) and in Eastern Europe (in Ukraine).

Due to aforementioned points, we want to emphasize that we will become the best partner for widening your business.

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