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Got a brilliant startup idea? ONLINICO has the necessary experience and technical expertise to turn it into a successful market offering. Our certified and professional team provides high-end and unique solutions, which allow our clients to truly stand out among others.

ONLINICO is a software development company. Founded in 2015 by a team of motivated and experienced software engineers, aspiring to continuously improve their professional skills, achieve the highest performance and quality on each and every one of their projects.

ONLINICO covers the full software development life cycle: we will lead you from the initial idea through project planning, defining requirements, design, implementation, testing, delivery and to further forward through ongoing support.

Our creative and enthusiastic development team has experience in various domains, including finance and e-payments, healthcare, entertainment, e-commerce and retail, Internet of things. We’re ready to put this experience to work for YOU!

We provide a wide range of development services - landing pages and web applications, fast and lightweight APIs, native iOS and native Android applications, continuous quality assurance activities and prompt post-deployment customer support. Our experts apply most the commonly used technology to build uncommonly topnotch projects for you.

ONLINICO speaks the language of your ideas and focuses tightly on achieving your business goals. Bring us your dreams from yesterday, let’s discuss your concept today and then assign a dedicated team of top experts to work on your project tomorrow! 

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