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JobsUkraine is an IT recruitment agency, established in 2014, by two friends from the Netherlands. We find the best people to fill a large variety of IT job vacancies in and outside of Ukraine. We have a special focus on IT recruitment for western companies looking for qualified IT specialists and web developers. We have a dedicated team of IT recruiters to assist you in a personal manner in order to make a perfect match for your organization. We have extensive experience working with IT companies worldwide. JobsUkraine offers a wide variety of staffing possibilities, in order to satisfy a large variety of job vacancies.

IT candidates can get into different working contracts through us. We try to offer the best and most flexible solutions. We will be happy to cooperate with you to discuss the prospects for working together and to tell you more about us and our capabilities. We would like to know the specifics of your project. Our company also offers work for freelance developer. Our experts can assess your technical skills and work experience. Our passion is to search and match people in the Information Technology sector. JobsUkraine offers a fast and effective way to quickly connect with the right candidates.

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