Why did we start this project?

We are an informal group of outsourcing services providers, living and working in Ukraine. Before these dramatic events in Kyiv and the Crimea occupation, we provided outsourcing services to our partners in Ukraine and abroad.

We started this project to open our young but very professional IT industry to the world. Besides the big players seen on the Internet, we have many small and medium IT-specialized teams. We would like to create another possibility for them to be seen, found, contracted, and scored.

Special thanks to:

Thanks to everyone who contributed to developing this project, including advice, critical thoughts, suggestions and resources. It is truly pleasant to work on a project with smart and professional people.

Thank you in advance to everyone who submits information about their company to this database, who browses the database with the aim to find a partner, as well as to those "just looking.

We would like this instrument to become really helpful - lightweight, easy and not overloaded with redundant information.