111Minutes. Mobile & Web Development

111Minutes. Mobile & Web Development

111Minutes is mobile & web development company that is delivering outside the box projects to clients all over the world since 2007.  We pride ourselves on designing and developing applications that are highlighted in Tech Crunch events, have dozen of downloads and as it's said - "look so good you'll want to lick them".

Among our clients you can find such industry leaders as Yamaha, Xerox, Car&Driver magazine, Annabel Karmel, The TextBuster® and others.

Our team builds apps for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows platforms. Additionally, we do mobile websites using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript that offer cross platform flexibility and efficiency to achieve native-like mobile experiences.

Web development at 111Minutes is represented by a powerful division of Ruby, PHP, HTML5, front-end and ASP.NET coding artists.

We provide full cycle service including analysis, management, deployment, support and 6 month free warranty.

Want to visit us? Meet our people in Ukraine, USA (SoCal) and Germany.