Our company offers cloud solutions for business. We have been working for the international IT market since 2005. The Tucha cloud infrastructure is a fully managed virtual software environment (servers, computers, individual services) that is provided for the commercial use.

Our cloud is running on the hardware located in the best European data-centers to ensure continuity of functioning and integrity of customer information. Our clusters consist of high performance servers, reliable storage systems and high-speed switches.

We use the latest IT technologies and the extra reliable equipment. Thus the client live and work anywhere on the globe and we provide a safeness of information, data security, users’ mobility, and resource savings. Moreover, you get an improved flexibility, scalability and reliability of the cloud infrastructure.

We offer fully managed services so our clients can perform any upgrading, configuring or rearranging of their IT infrastructure automatically or manually. We offer Tucha Cloud Services. Join us and get the best Fully Managed Cloud VPS ever!

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