Daxx Software Development Teams

Daxx Software Development Teams

Daxx offers a reliable, flexible, and risk-free way to scale your software development team with top tech talent.

We’ll connect you with skilled software engineers that meet all of your requirements and set up your software development team in Ukraine.

The developers you hire with us become your full-time employees located in our offices in Ukraine. They’re 100% dedicated to your business and motivated to deliver quality.

Your Team, Our Support

The recruitment is only the first step. When your dedicated development team is ready to start working, we:

  • place them in our fully-equipped offices in Ukraine
  • employ various HR techniques to keep your team loyal and motivated
  • help you maintain effective relationships with your developers
  • deal with payroll, taxes, sick days, etc.
  • help you gain more financial flexibility

But what is more important, we advise you on the proven Agile tools and methodologies to make sure your remote team is productive and motivated to deliver high-quality work.

Visit www.daxx.com(link is external) to learn more.