DOT CALL Contact center

DOT CALL Contact center

While developing the solutions to the tasks set by the ordering party, the outsourcing .CALL (DOT CALL) call-centre turns to any and all communication channels: inbound and outbound calls, IVR (Interactive Voice Response), SMS, MMS, e-mail, chat requests handling etc.

The services of .CALL call-centre are provided all year around, 24/7. All the services are performed by knowing professionals experienced in working with various customers.

DOT CALL call-centre is:

  • a team of qualified staff
  • advanced equipment
  • reasonable call-centre’s schedule of fees
  • cuspy software by known producers
  • short-time project development and project kick-off
  • comprehensive and objective data on phone calls received by the call-centre
  • file retention of dotted down conversations
  • and other benefits

Dial the number of DOT CALL call-centre and find out more about the advantages of cooperation with us.