MOZI Development

MOZI Development

We do smart mobile solutions !

WHY to choose us?

*SCOPING : We can scope the project for you. We Define scope and goals before any development starts, we review all materials and create detailed software requirements specification. Thus we define what you’ll get before project starts and minimize risks to miss deadline

*BALACING CREATIVE AND TECHICAL: We know the pitfalls before they occur – so no worries about finding out things don’t work in delivery.

*YOUR RELIABLE TEAM: During all the project lifecycle we conduct weekly meetings and demonstrate of the current state of the application and project. Our team is fluent English speakers and all documentation/tasks tracking are in English.

*COST CONTROL: We give you a cost to match the scope. No overheads. No additional day-rates. No uncharged project creep. Simple.

*DELIVERY: We have more than 5 years’ experience in mobile technologies, and familiar with a lot of tools. We do know what end users expect from mobile applications and will help you to create best mobile product for iOS or Android platforms.

* Specialization – We feel like a sharks in Apps ocean. If there is something in the Apps digital world, we’ve delivered it already!