RIT Company

RIT Company



- Node.js development.

Server side development based on Node.js technology that provides a lot of benefits to any custom business application.    


- Frontend development.

Development of healthy and scalable WEB application using AngularJS, Bootstrap, JQuery, BackBonesJS; MySQL.


- Mobile development.

Building succesfull native iPhone, iPad and Android mobile solutions.


- UI/UX design.

Creating natural and human centered interfaces for increasing application appeal and functionality.


Knowledge domains


We help the world’s most sophisticated founders and entrepreneurs held growth businesses in such areas as:

  1. Medicine&HealthCare

  2. E-commerce


Project models


- Full cycle development

- Service (support)

- Outstaffing


Tools we use

  • Github, Bitbucket

  • JIRA, Trello

  • Slack

  • Sketch, InvisionApp