American Chamber of Commerce (ACC) and uSupport project signed the Memorandum of Cooperation

American Chamber of Commerce (ACC) and uSupport project will cooperate in promotion of Ukraine’s IT-outsourcing and BPO industry. The parties agreed to cooperate on purpose of creation required conditions for sustainable development and growth of the IT industry of Ukraine, improve the investment climate in IT industry of Ukraine, deem it necessary to enter into this Memorandum of Cooperation.

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uSuppport member commented on the situation in Ukraine's IT outsourcing to

Ihor Pidruchny, CEO of Lezgro Software Development and member of uSupport catalog, commented to on the situation with IT outsourcing services in Ukraine.

There are more comments from the client of Ihor Ihor Pidruchny's company about the motivation to choose the IT outsourcing provider from Ukraine.

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Ukrainian online conference on outsourcing to be conducted on 19th-25th of May

A conference called "Outsource People Conference Online 2014 : business in software development outsourcing" will be held in Ukraine on 19th-25th of May. Organizers inform that this will be a first online conference in Eastern Europe. 

During the conference the floor will be provided to the most experienced representatives of outsourcing branch from Ukraine and foreign countries.

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Ukraine to become the "outsourcing valley" of Europe

The Government of Ukraine launched a common project with leading Ukrainian IT outsourcers. The aim of the project is to make the country an influential force in Europe's IT sphere. 

The initiators of the program intend to stop the drain of Ukrainian software developers to other countries. The project presupposes the creation of a comfortable environment for living and working for IT specialists in Ukraine, motivating them to stay in the country. In addition, there is a plan to create 100,000 new jobs in the IT sector.

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More than 15,000 firms in Ukraine work in the IT industry

The national statistic service of Ukraine reports 15,676 economically active firms as having IT and telecommunications as their primary field activity. 

The majority of them - more than 6,000 - are registered in Kyiv, and the number of IT professionals working in Kyiv is more than 17,500. The total number of IT professionals working in Ukraine is more than 200,000, and 15,000 professionals are supplied to the industry every year by university graduates. 

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"Invest Ukraine" Governmental agency & Deloitte - report on the IT market of Ukraine

"Invest Ukraine" Governmental agency & Deloitte presented analytics on the IT market of Ukraine. 

The report mentions that, driven by the availability of a large skilled labor pool as well as relatively low personnel costs, Ukraine was the fastest growing IT market in the whole CEE region before the financial crisis. 

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uSupport catalog - IT outsourcing companies in Ukraine

This web catalog is created to provide the most precise information about the ІТ potential of Ukraine in terms of export oriented services.

With this catalog of firms we hope to provide you with qualified and reliable partners in Ukraine.

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