Expand to Ukraine now: Three reasons.


July 2, 2014
Expand to Ukraine now: Three reasons.

Ukraine is an IT & BPO outsourcing destination both for simple and complex projects, offering high quality service and expertise at a reasonable price. In this short piece, let me give you three good reasons to expand your business operations to Ukraine now.


Reason 1. Buy when low.

Ukraine’s IT exports have seen an impressive growth rate in recent years. However, in the past few months, the  situation on the border between Ukraine and Russia has slowed this growth, with some business cooperation being put on hold. The reality is, however, that business processes in Ukrainian companies haven’t been affected at all - they are continuing to function as normal.

As a result of this situation, there are opportunities for forward thinking foreign companies to take advantage of.  So while the downturn has not affected business processes in Ukraine, it has created capacity, and that’s where profit and enterprise can meet. Outsource your business processes to Ukraine now and you’ll be among the first wave of those who are completely connected and engaged with the burgeoning Ukrainian IT sector once the fog has lifted.


Reason 2. Get the best price.

Due to the devaluation of the UAH to USD, on some types of outsourcing services you can save up to 20% of the budget you would have spent 6 months ago.

Use this opportunity to get an excellent price, as well as partner loyalty and outstanding customer care.


Reason 3. uSupport will assist.

uSupport will provide you with any necessary guidance and assistance in selecting the business partner in Ukraine. This offer is open to any company which is not based in Ukraine and does not have a representative office in Ukraine.

Use the uSupport services to find a suitable IT outsourcing or a BPO partner in Ukraine for  no effort or expense.


To order uSupport assistance, leave your request and we will get in contact.   


Best regards,

uSupport Team


Got another minute? Check out:

American Chamber of Commerce (ACC) and uSupport project signed the Memorandum of Cooperation

American Chamber of Commerce (ACC) and uSupport project will cooperate in promotion of Ukraine’s IT-outsourcing and BPO industry. The parties agreed to cooperate on purpose of creation required conditions for sustainable development and growth of the IT industry of Ukraine, improve the investment climate in IT industry of Ukraine, deem it necessary to enter into this Memorandum of Cooperation.

More than 15,000 firms in Ukraine work in the IT industry

The national statistic service of Ukraine reports 15,676 economically active firms as having IT and telecommunications as their primary field activity. 

The majority of them - more than 6,000 - are registered in Kyiv, and the number of IT professionals working in Kyiv is more than 17,500. The total number of IT professionals working in Ukraine is more than 200,000, and 15,000 professionals are supplied to the industry every year by university graduates.