U.T. Gem conference in San Francisco - get ready!


September 3, 2014
U.T. Gem conference in San Francisco - get ready!

The U.T.Gem conference is to take place in San Francisco, USA, aiming to provide information about the Ukraine's IT potential. The Ukraine's IT industry’s representation at the conference is impressive both in number and variety of competencies. This is the inaugural U.T.Gem conference and it is shaping up to become the biggest promotional IT event for Ukraine's IT industry ever.

Besides IT outsourcing providers, the event will showcase product companies, startups and innovative businesses that will demonstrate the potential of Ukraine's IT sector.


uSupport will participate in the U.T.Gem conference and provide comprehensive information about the companies who are registered in their/our catalog. Our main objective is to attract the attention of potential customers to the catalog, where they will be able to find direct contacts details for outsourcing service providers.

In addition to the catalog of outsource providers, uSupport is ready to offer assistance in lookup for IT services providers according to specific parameters, such as tech skills, technologies, portfolio, geography etc.

To get more info about the U.T.Gem conference agenda, speakers, tickets and more please check out the U.T.Gem conference website.

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