BrainBasket Foundation and uSupport project agreed to cooperate

May 21, 2014
BrainBasket Foundation and uSupport project agreed to cooperate

The BrainBasket Foundation and uSupport project agreed to join efforts in development of representation of Ukraine’s IT market potential, both of outsourcing and product type.

The uSupport project will assist the BrainBasket Foundation in development of IT market of Ukraine by means of providing the information about the IT companies, active on the market to the partners from outside Ukraine, thus increasing the attractiveness of Ukraine as IT outsourcing destination. At the same time, the uSupport project will be a useful resource for the students of study programs imposed by the BrainBasket Foundation, to learn about the perspective of employment in IT-outsourcing sector.   

The BrainBasket Foundation is a non-profit, non-government, professionally managed organization with undisputed reputation to focus on educational initiatives, with one single goal: to boost the educational ecosystem in Ukraine in order to produce 100,000 new software engineers by 2020. The BrainBasket Foundation strives to change Ukraine, and to make IT a driving factor in creating a strong economy.

uSupport project is a web catalog created to support the IT branch of Ukraine. The main tasks are: to gather the most exact information about the spectrum of IT outsourcing companies of Ukraine and the services they provide, and to provide the most precise information about the ІТ potential of Ukraine in terms of export oriented services. More than 70 IT-outsourcing companies have registered in the catalog.

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American Chamber of Commerce (ACC) and uSupport project signed the Memorandum of Cooperation

American Chamber of Commerce (ACC) and uSupport project will cooperate in promotion of Ukraine’s IT-outsourcing and BPO industry. The parties agreed to cooperate on purpose of creation required conditions for sustainable development and growth of the IT industry of Ukraine, improve the investment climate in IT industry of Ukraine, deem it necessary to enter into this Memorandum of Cooperation.

Report: Ukraine is now Europe’s leading software development powerhouse

In addition to a complete set of data, including detailed analysis by industry segments and regions, this 210-page report features fascinating cases of international software R&D collaboration – for example, how a relatively small company from Eastern Ukraine brilliantly solved mobile virtualization tasks assigned by a South Korean research institute, while disruptive UK fintech and healthtech startups have found industry and technology expertise in a company from Lviv (Lvov), in the western part of the country