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Binariks is a software development outsourcing and consulting company headquartered in the USA. We leverage 20 years of IT experience to help startups and established business achieve business success by creating winning teams, products and custom Web (NodeJS, AngularJS, MongoDB, Java, .NET),  Mobile (Android, iOS), DevOps (Docker, Puppet, Chef, Ansible), BI/BigData solutions.

Our teams consist of extremely talented, open-minded experts, proficient in multiple technologies, which allows us to quickly adjust to new project environment and gives us the exceptional ability to multi-task while meeting deadlines.

We partner with various organizations ranging from startups to big enterprises helping them to achieve business success by creating winning teams and products while leveraging lean principles.

If you are a startup, our team experienced in Lean Startup method will go with you through all the stages of product development starting from the hypothesis, MVP and finishing with a launch of your product.

If you are an established business, we will help you to support and modernize your software products to avoid disruptive innovation impact from competitors. We will help you to get your technology in shape to sustain the new pace of innovation.

There is nothing giving us more satisfaction than making your business and products successful!

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