Damyant Software

Damyant Software


Damyant Software specializes in providing development services in web 2.0 apps leveraging cloud, mobility, and big data. Damyant Software has established centers of excellence (COE) cloud and mobility to develop proof of concepts. Damyant Software takes pride in adopting rapid application development frameworks such as Grails, Rails. The company has a pool of developers who are working in product and application development using Rails and Grails frameworks.

Damyant helps organizations to enable enterprise services on mobile platforms-examples: integration of ERP, IDM (Identity Management), or HR processes with mobile platforms to enable employees, customers, or vendors access enterprise services from anywhere, anytime.

Damyant is a 100% Agile process driven organization. SCRUM and TDD (Test Driven Development) are recommended processes at Damyant.


Web 2.0 using Rails or Grails, Bigdata - Hadoop, NOSQL - SimpleDB, Enterprise Mobility (Android, iOS, Phonegap)