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DuxTeam is a Kharkiv, Ukraine - based software development vendor, and a group of remarkably qualified IT professionals dedicated to improving the software outsourcing market’s existing practices and standards.

Our company is increasingly selected by those clients that have previously been disappointed by the low quality of the service provided by their poorly managed outsourcing partners, whose employees often have a very limited set of skills.


We are selected by those clients that are looking to develop solutions that are capable of beating the toughest competition, and solving the full range of their intended business tasks.

We are selected by those clients that are no longer willing to waste their time and money on shoddy and failing solutions.

DuxTeam’s cherry-picked employees are highly and broadly skilled professionals any software development company would be eager to have on board. Moreover, we are a team of result-oriented perfectionists who are unsparingly devoted to the IT industry and literally live IT. That is why any of the applications we create is regarded by us as a piece of art to bear our personal signature.

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