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Netpeak agency – SEO and PPC for Business. Outsource it to us.

Who we are?

  1. We work in internet marketing and SEO since 2006.

  2. In Netpeak work more than a 100 full-time professionals.

  3. We made more than 1000 successful projects and thanks to our work 300+ online shops sell more goods every day.

  4. Netpeak focuses on SEO and PPC services as the most useful instruments for the business web promotion.

  5. We follow ROI-oriented business approach. We work with every business like it’s our own.

  6. Netpeak is a technological software company that develop own unique software for external and internal use.

  7. We launched three powerful services that help business, and made them available for public: Ringostat, Prodvigator, IfTheyCall.

  8. Our Netpeak Client Dashboard is own automatic system that helps businessmen to monitor changes to sites and take an ecommerce decision based on set of KPI’s. Each of our client’s gets access to Netpeak Client Dashboard.


Why us?

  • We strongly believe in our multistage mission, big audacious goals and in benefits we bring to our client’s business. We help them to develop and be successful online.

  • Our professionals are business consultants and technical specialists simultaneously. So our clients not only get web promotion, but also tips for business and increasing ROMI.

  • We have own analytical blog (, hold different workshops and organize two annual multinational conferences: «8P: Business Online» and «Online Advertising in Ukraine».


Our services:

SEO 2.0



Our clients:

  1. Small and medium business of all areas.

  2. Online shops and different ecommerce projects.

  3. Portals.

  4. Services.

Netpeak Awards:

1st place - Rating of media agencies by Ukrainian advertising coalition.

2d place - Rating of digital agencies by Ukrainian advertising coalition.

2d place - Rating of Ukrainian SEO agencies by CMS magazine.

6th place - Rating of Russian media agencies by

8th place - Rating of Russian digital agencies by


Our contacs:

Odessa (Headquarters)
+38 (048) 737-35-01
+38 (044) 38-36-400

+7 (499) 91-86-102
+7 (846) 99-17-971

+7 (727) 323-0-222

New York
+1 (516) 833-30-72
US Toll Free
+1 (855) NETPEAK

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