NewGround LLC

NewGround LLC

NewGround LLC is a software development company with product and R&D departments based in Ukraine. We've been in operation since 1999 and have 60 skilled Middle and Senior level developers.

Also, we have IOT experience in our own hardware + software products for the media and entertainment industries.

To make all that happen, we do advanced research through our R&D department that works with Data Mining, IOT, and machine learning. We have a wide range of experience in different industries (logistics, government, media, medicine, entertainment). 

We also only have Middle and Senior Developers because we care about your time and money, so you DO NOT pay for the learning, just the doing.

We respect your confidentiality, so, we never go over NDA agreement. And all of our partners stay with us an average 3+ years and they can confirm that.   

Our Technological Experience:

• 18 years of experience in Java 

• 18 years of experience in R&D

• 7 years of experience in IOS

• 7 years of experience in Android

• 7 years of experience in .NET

• 6 years of experience in Scala  

OUR Own Products 

• Mobile apps. For automotive financing services involving credit and maintenance plans, tracking apps for transport industry and up to 50 mobile games.

• Interactive solutions. 3D mapping, Interactive maps for multi touch surface, Interactive stands for advertising and event agencies. 

• Bluetooth solutions for media and entertainment industry.