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Established in 2008, Repustate has curated its niche as a trusted and reliable partner to a global client base for multilingual Enterprise Search, Sentiment Analysis and Text Analytics. Our experts provide deep insights into industries varying from Banking to Healthcare and Automotive to Social Media monitoring.

Repustate’s all-in-one sentiment analysis platform provides unparalleled customer and employee insight at the click of a button. Also, our text analytics and semantic search solutions read and analyze data natively in 23 languages and dialects without any need for translations - leading to higher precision and speed.

Precisely, our solution is unique to each client. Our experts offer customized training in machine-learned natural language processing (NLP) models specifically catering to each client’s exclusive domain, products, and entities. Catering from custom API calls to one-off features, Repustate provides an agile service and years of expertise in Machine Learning and data sciences.

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