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Return on Intelligence (ex Exigen Services) delivers innovative consulting, systems integration and commercial software engineering solutions.

Our approach to custom software development gives our clients a competitive edge by delivering solutions that support the processes that differentiate their companies. By leveraging our Think.Build.Operate methodology, our product engineering capabilities and our outcome based engagement model we align ourselves with our client’s business and provide world class systems development services. Return on Intelligence helps companies increase revenue and cut costs when launching new products, services, offerings or processes.

Based on best practices, industry models, methods and tools, and technology and frameworks, we help our clients rethink and reshape the way they do business in order to gain and retain a substantial competitive advantage. We dramatically reduce the risk and increase the realized transformation benefits while delivering large complex programs. Our approach leverages:

  • Global Sourcing
  • Performance Based Contracts
  • Global Agile Methodologies

Return on Intelligence provides User Experience Design (UX) services to help our clients increase the value delivered by their core applications. Our User Experience specialists and visual designers work closely with end-users, business analysts, application developers and other project stakeholders to create intuitive, accessible and appealing interfaces that increase user productivity. Our services include:

  • Information architecture design
  • Visual design
  • Prototyping

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