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Questions and Terms


A private person or legal entity interested to buy a company listed in the Marketplace.


A Company profile published in a Database. Company may place a deal both in Database and Marketplace, or in one of the tools.


A term used to describe a sales proposal from the Company. The Company provides anonymous descriptive information about itself in the Marketplace to keep the intentions. Company name can later be disclosed in the conversation between the Buyer and the Company in the Anonymous chat.


A database of the companies with direct contacts. Please note that you can use the Database for free and contact the Companies directly. It is a promise of uSupport in early days of 2015 - the Database shall be free both to viewers and the companies listed.


A tool to look for the Deals and get into Anonymous chat with a company providing an attractive sales proposal.

Short review of the list of deals

Browsing the headlines and short descriptions of Deals.

Full review of a deal

A possibility to review full information provided by the company, before starting the Anonymous chat with a company representative

Anonymous chat

A tool for communication between the Buyer and the company representative. In case some details are missing, a buyer can ask about them before the parties decide to disclose and exchange the information about themselves. Parties may choose not to disclose the information about themselves in case there is no match.